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IBAN accounts
Open your personal IBAN account and receive payments
Send funds worldwide
Send money worldwide with no hidden fees
Spending analytics
Get spending analytics and manage your finances in one place
Manage your money better with spending analytics
    Set budgets, get instant spending notifications, and see weekly insights to keep your spending on track.

    Connect your other bank accounts to Platio with Open Banking and manage all your finances in one place

    Send money all over the world instantly, without hidden fees
        Send, request money, or split bills with friends and family instantly, whether they're across the table or across the globe

        Transfer money abroad in 30+ currencies with the interbank exchange rate, with a small 0.5% fee for anything above £1,000 each month. A flat mark-up on weekends and on certain currencies may apply, it's only fair
        Get IBAN account
            An IBAN account allows you to conveniently receive payments in one place and perform fast and smooth multi-currency transactions worldwide.