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We deliver

Fast onboarding

No need to wait days for a complex technical integration or sending documents

Instant settlement

Get your funds instantly, make fast cross-border payments - even to bank cards

Highest level of security

Unprecedented reliability and security of data and funds in accordance with the PCI DSS 3.2 and ISO 27001 standards.

Convenient service

Get detailed logs about payments and payees, create & schedule reports and process refunds in seconds 

Statistics in-depth

Comprehensive information about your balance, accepted payments, transactions and payees. So you can focus on targeting you market more effectively.

Accept payments even without website

Generate payment links and put them in your blog and social network profile. Send invoices through email & messengers. Your followers will love it.

Powerful API

Ready-made solutions for PHP, Java, NodeJS, C#. The API allows you to create invoices, receive direct links to a payment system page, create returns, receipts status, calculate fees and much more.

How to start

1 Create your demo account today with your name, email and mobile phone. Registration takes 2 minutes.
2 Create an outlet - this is your virtual point of sale. You can have one or several outlets in a single account with shared funds management.
3 Test your integration with virtual funds . After all the tests pass, upload documents to go live.

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Thank you! We aim to contact you within 24 hours of submittion.